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Beginning in 1989, Dr. David Gillam has built an enduring practice in Truro, NS delivering a comprehensive range of quality eye care and courteous service to his clients. From eye exams and corrective lenses, to treatments for dry eye conditions, at Dr. David Gillam Optometry you can be confident that your total eye health is our priority.

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Your eyes are as unique as your personality – Why not let both shine through? Whether you choose contact lenses or a new set of glasses from our fashionable collections of modern frames and the latest in new lens technology, we can help you find the perfect match to suit you and your lifestyle.

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Being locally owned and independently operated does make a difference. At Dr. David Gillam Optometry, our courteous staff will take the time to answer any questions you have and provide you with the quality services & professional advice you need to make informed decisions regarding the total health of your eyes.

Dr. David Gillam Optometry Clinic

The clinic is conveniently located at 155 Arthur St. in Truro, NS in one of the classic character homes that line the streets of downtown Truro. Though renovated to accommodate the needs of a modern optometry clinic, the classic elements that made these homes so warm and inviting are carefully maintained to provide visitors with a comfortable surrounding and relaxed environment.


Dry Eyes a Constant Irritation?

One of the leading causes of dry eyes is Blepharitis which is the most common eye disease in the world and can infect anyone regardless of age. The symptoms usually tend to be worse in the morning and can include:

  • itchy, sore and red eyelids
  • eyelids that stick together and are difficult to open when you wake up
  • eyelashes that become crusty or greasy
  • a burning, gritty sensation in your eyes
  • an increased sensitivity to light
  • the edges of your eyelids becoming swollen
  • finding contact lenses uncomfortable to wear
  • abnormal eyelash growth or (in severe cases) loss of eyelashes

If you suffer from any of these on-going irritations, relief is now available. Watch the video to learn more about this highly effective and pain free treatment option from BlephEx which is now available in the clinic.  

Dr. David Gillam Optometry provides a full range of services for the complete health of your eyes with specializations including dry eye condition diagnosis and treatment. Connect with us today to schedule an appointment and rediscover the joy of a healthy set of eyes.

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